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My complete routine

My Complete Routine Bath bomb

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Our complete routine bath bombs are individually wrapped and all packed in an elegant box. Surprise your loved one, wife, hubby, girlfriend for Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday or wedding gift. Not merely as a gift but also as a healthier and more relaxed living style selected for them.

Throw a bath bomb into warm water and it immediately floats and swirls with wonderful scent and you get the rich foam in seconds. Our bath bombs are rich in 12 different essential oils with longer-lasting fragrance. Non-toxic ingredients, no artificial coloring, and the color doesn't stain skin or bathtub after use. Bubble bath bombs are handmade with natural and organic ingredients: shea butter, sea salt, nature essential oil, cocoa butter etc, which produce a relaxing effect to soften your dry sensitive skin and help you relieve stress and anxiety for a more comfortable sleep. Enjoy a luxurious spa experience at home.